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From data analysis to implementation


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This is a corporate website to obtain orders for development services. Focusing on contents marketing through blogs. I am in charge of analyzing, branding, design, and coding. First identified client trends by analyzing data. And then we figured out personas and customer journeys with verious professionals and made wireframes based on the emotions of the personas. After repeating enhancements, the number of accesses increased 10 times.



I started by analyzing data to create accurate personas. From company type, budget, and request, I figured out tendencies.

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Created 3 types of persona through analysis. To make it accurate, let each persona have the most common features.

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I led workshop collaborating with executives, sales, business analyst, and director. We created customer journey of personas, also based on facts.

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We identified the possible elements, selected necessaries, and then classified them.

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Based on the information architecture, we discussed detailed contents with user's emotions. And then I created a wireframe on Figma.

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First, we were offering 1 work on Homepage, but published more projects to catch each persona’s eyes.

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After repeated improvements, the number of accesses increased 10 times in half a year.

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I designed in Figma, and coded all with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress on AWS under the review by an SEO specialist. Implemented 3 post types News, Blog, and Recruit managed in CMS, and Contact form that send to email addresses of the company and applicants.

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