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Website rebranding for an industrial waste disposer


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M.O.C. Co., Ltd. is participating in environmental preservation through recycling waste oil and transportation of industrial waste. We rebranded their corporate website to break the image of the traditional manufacturing industry and impress sustainability.



First we understood the company, competitors, and their clients by researching and hearing.

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We held workshop to plan what we convey to whom. In this rebranding we set new persona to target, and drew their customer journey to figure out touch points.

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To approach our target with the image of "sustainability", I suggested some ideas with mood boards and came to a conclusion with option 1.

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Clean,Elaborate, Earnest, Conservative

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Simple, Modern, Friendly, Easy


I designed entire pages as the sum total of the decisions we have made. I determined how does the product will look like, and choosing the right layout, typography, colors.

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I designed in Figma, and coded all with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress under the review by an SEO specialist. Implemented 3 post types News, Blog, and Recruit managed in CMS, and Contact form and Job application form that send to email addresses of the company and applicants.

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