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Symworld is everything that modern communications service providers need to plan, build and operate advanced, secure, high-quality networks, in a single, revolutionary platform. I am in charge of UX research and design communicating closely with product owners, developers, and no less than 30 designers in a fast-growing team.


Usability Test

We conduct 1on1 user interviews to figure out qualitative usability issues and System Usability Scale (SUS) score of around 40 products with a couple of members. Report and enhance before release to avoid loss of business oppotunities and brand damage risks.

To run an effective test, we develop a test plan, recruit participants, design the test, and report findings.

Test flow

1. Plan

Firstly we research the user, their problem, and how our product can solve it. List usecases to define test goal and scope. Determine overall schedule, stakeholder's roles and evaluation methods.

2. Recruiting

Define participant criteria, send recruiting emails, and select diverse participants.

3. Test design

Design task scenarios and create an interview script.

4. Test

Moderate 1on1 in-depth interview asking participants to perform tasks aloud. Observe their behavior and take notes to capture what they do and what they say.

5. Analysis and reporting

Calculate SUS score and create issue summary report.

6. Enhancement plan

Lastly, make sure to convey each usability issue and schedule how to address them with stakeholders. Assign designers and track enhancement.


Before wireframing, we organize information architecture and confirm it with stakeholders.

Understand requirements from Product Owner in our agile development team, brainstorm ideas and create UI.

Evaluate design by testing prototype, and enhance it based on their feedback.

Enhance based on heuristic evaluation.

Mentoring and coaching junior designers.

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