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Designed app, web admin, and marketing website


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TVplum first launched in December 2020 as a B2B streaming service. It provides a web management screen and viewing application. I took over the UI design of CMS that can organize TV programs and videos, designed a customizable application UI from scratch, and marketing website. In marketing website, user's staying time has increased 8 times by improving with design sprints.



Regarding the marketing website for B2B streaming service TVplum, we have received feedback such as "Difficult to understand" and "Do not know how to use it". In order to solve this problem, I have gathered members from various departments to run workshops.

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Identified positive and negative aspects in the internal and external environment by SWOT analysis on Miro. In addition, since clients who have already reached out to us were only several number, we used the same data as clients as personas.

Image of persona and swot


Created customer journey of personas that we made in Strategy also based on facts.

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Identified the possible elements, selected necessaries, and then classified them.

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Based on the information architecture, we put detailed contents and user's emotions. And then I created a wireframe on no code tool STUDIO, received feedback from actual clients and people who did not know our service, and repeated modifications.

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To give an easy-to-understand impression to the personas, I finished it with a generous spacing and a slightly rounded layout.

Image of surface


When the product was first launched, we were targeting clients in the TV industry, so mentioned the technical functions. In reality, however, clients who have problems with existing streaming platforms or entrepreneurs who considers new business with video were interested in our product. By emphasizing the strength "customizability" which was found in these needs, user's staying time has increased 8 times.

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